Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lacoste x Married to the Mob

Be Mine

First seen in Sneaker Freaker Issue 16, this sneaker is the product of a collaboration between Married to the Mob and Lacoste. Since I have come to the conclusion that I will never own those D&G wedges, I'm thinking these may be more in my price range.

MTTM keep coming out with killer collabs from working with Colette & Reebok to Nike. However, their take on Lacoste's Hironia silhouette is their best work thus far. The use of a black lace overlay on lilac is so sexy. I love how a designer can use an unexpected fabric and all of a sudden there's a contradiction or narrative created. Women's sneakers are just getting better and better since the execs are noticing the demand. It's almost liberating that we too can get our swag on with limited edition kicks.

I'm always on the hunt these days of sneakers that I can wear with dresses that don't cut off my legs and make me look short (I hate wearing jeans). Due to this I often opt for my purple Low Rise Nike Air Force 1s. However, these seem plausible replacements if I was to ever give my Nikes a rest. I respect MTTM's attention to detail with waxed laces and slightly metallic colourway that lean more towards the dressy sneaker family.

The shoes are said to be inspired by french designer Christian Louboutin. I can't say I really see this. Yes, the lace could be linked to a reference to his classic Clic Clac's. But if I was reinterpreting his avant-garde approach to footwear I'd probably be a little more extravagant. How about a bow like his satin anemone pumps?

I'd do it a little something like this...

Sneaker front detail:

I'd have similar lace overlay as the MTTM design on a charcoal body. crimson satin for tongue, black satin ribbon at the back, leather mary-jane strap and buckle, waxed laces, rubber sole.

Louboutin Inspiration:

Photographs From Yesteryear

I was just on Sacha Hilton's new blog and was thinking how much I miss taking photos. I need some cash so I can buy a decent camera. Hopefully I will get back into photography in the coming year.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Studio Arts Finals - Naivety, Nostalgia & Time

This year for Studio Arts I explored the theme of ‘Naivety, Nostalgia and Time’. These broad concepts translate into my own specific message that we are often na├»ve to how lucky we are and that one-day, as time passes, this turns into a deep sense of nostalgia. I have created three mobiles that spin as the viewer walks around and interacts with the artworks. On the left is a mobile dedicated to my dad’s side of the family, my immediate family in the middle and my mother’s side on the right.

Each colour is symbolic of a different emotion that we all experience in life including happiness, love and grief. Furthermore, I drew a pattern of roots/veins that represents the connectivity we have with our family and with each other as we simultaneously endure the highs and lows of the human condition.

The shape of the circle has been extremely important as in many cultures it is known to symbolize life; ‘the circle of life’. Upon the floor there are lanterns to show the light and warmth of our family’s presence, rice to represent an offering to those that have passed away, and salt to symbolise tears and whispers of time as it passes. I have chosen to include a mirror to urge viewers to look into the bottom mirror and to feel the magnetism as their image multiples.

This reflection has been a core focus, as I believe through the reflection of ourselves we also understand how significant how family has been in shaping who we are. This is expressed through the words ‘to reflect upon me is to reflect upon you’. I have used various reflective materials such as beads and silver string to show that from this reflection we gain glimmers of light as memories come into our consciousness. There are many short and sweet sentences upon these textile-based discs that further communicate the concept of naivety as shown through childlike dialogue as the viewer looks at the artwork.

I hope that my audience will take my very personal representation of this reflection I have gone through in creating these artworks and look upon their own lives with positivity, as even in the darkest of times there is light.

© Copyright 2009 by Celeste Watson

VCD Finals - InDeed

Visual Communication & Design- Unit 4

Title: ‘The Elizabeth Scarf’

Final Presentation 1:

Sculptural Scarf and Textile Design

Final Presentation 2:

Logo and Swingtag

Media and Materials: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, stencil paper, scalpel, fabric paint, silkscreen, squeegee, inkjet applicable cotton, inkjet printer, adhesive bond, cotton, polyester blend fabric, sewing machine, elastic, eyelets, cord pullers and gloss photo paper.

InDeed’s winter collection was themed ‘A Modern Day Elizabeth’. I had to recontextualize the traditional ruff evident in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to fit the lifestyle of busy women aged 18-30 who often require adaptable garments. Through the use of contemporary compositions of Big Ben and drawstrings I reinterpreted this look for 2010.

This project is what I am most proud of this year in regards to folios. I plan to sew lots of these scarfs in 2010 and sell them. More on that to come...

Much love to my beautiful model Nabilah Nordin and assistant stylist Hugo Ross.

© Copyright 2009 by Celeste Watson

VCD Finals - Converse

Visual Communication & Design - Unit 3

Children's Converse All Stars.
Surface graphics, reversible bandana and point of sale display.
Theme: 'When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Fireman'

- click to enlarge -

My ultimate career would be to design sneakers for a brand like Converse or Nike. As in VCE we are able to write our own briefs, I thought I'd give it a shot. As much as I'd like this dream to come true, I'd like to be credited for it. So please, don't steal my design! If some Converse executive is reading this, email and your people can talk to my people.

© Copyright 2009 by Celeste Watson

Agyness Eyes?

Yuri Pleskun

Agyness Deyn

I love models with charisma.

It's better than looking hungry all the time.

Just Take Off Your Shoes, You've Nothing Left To Loose

I'm one of those people that read blogs that I don't even like. I guess it's because I'm optimistic. I read in hope that one-day they will post something decent. Well this ideology proved effective when I read Sea Of Shoes yesterday. I don't understand the hype around this blog because I would never go swimming if I were to encounter such hideous shoes (not to mention the outfits that go with them). However, Jane proved me wrong on this one occasion. For on yesterday's fine swim I encountered the most glorious of shoes. These Dolce & Gabbana black suede wedges with the profile of a face embroided on each side have got me dreamin'. Yes please.

If I was to acquire AUS $970 before they sold out, I'd probably buy them. They're one of those items that I'd show my Mum and she'd say "They're weird like you". But I'll take that. Because really, who doesn't want to dance in these babies to Tiga's "Shoes"? I actually think the first thing I'd do upon opening the box would put that very track on and dance around my room with them on, most probably in my underwear.

Here's the soundtrack to aid this visualization:

I can actually imagine myself moving my feet in a fashion that would suggest that one foot is speaking to another. I need to get out more.

If you want to make me terribly jealous- buy them here.

To New Beginnings

The time is finally here. A time where I shall no longer be burdened by the often overwhelming workload that is high school. No more sitting trying to transcend myself beyond classrooms and common-rooms to more desirable destinations. Now is a time to move forward and to embark on my next quest.

'What is this quest?', you may ask. New friends, this quest is of self discovery in both familiar and foreign territories. Upon this journal you may hear tales of adventures of joy and woe intertwined by a motif of ambition. For what I aspire to, on many a day, is questioned. Yet I, as we all do, must move forth. Here it is; a first step in hope of one-day knowing what we will make of ourselves.

So come with me as I present my trials and tribulations of various aspects of my existence. I can promise regular drool-worthy clothes, good looking individuals and of course, jottings of my day to day encounters that extend beyond the relms of cyberspace.