Saturday, November 21, 2009

VCD Finals - InDeed

Visual Communication & Design- Unit 4

Title: ‘The Elizabeth Scarf’

Final Presentation 1:

Sculptural Scarf and Textile Design

Final Presentation 2:

Logo and Swingtag

Media and Materials: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, stencil paper, scalpel, fabric paint, silkscreen, squeegee, inkjet applicable cotton, inkjet printer, adhesive bond, cotton, polyester blend fabric, sewing machine, elastic, eyelets, cord pullers and gloss photo paper.

InDeed’s winter collection was themed ‘A Modern Day Elizabeth’. I had to recontextualize the traditional ruff evident in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to fit the lifestyle of busy women aged 18-30 who often require adaptable garments. Through the use of contemporary compositions of Big Ben and drawstrings I reinterpreted this look for 2010.

This project is what I am most proud of this year in regards to folios. I plan to sew lots of these scarfs in 2010 and sell them. More on that to come...

Much love to my beautiful model Nabilah Nordin and assistant stylist Hugo Ross.

© Copyright 2009 by Celeste Watson

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