Saturday, November 21, 2009

To New Beginnings

The time is finally here. A time where I shall no longer be burdened by the often overwhelming workload that is high school. No more sitting trying to transcend myself beyond classrooms and common-rooms to more desirable destinations. Now is a time to move forward and to embark on my next quest.

'What is this quest?', you may ask. New friends, this quest is of self discovery in both familiar and foreign territories. Upon this journal you may hear tales of adventures of joy and woe intertwined by a motif of ambition. For what I aspire to, on many a day, is questioned. Yet I, as we all do, must move forth. Here it is; a first step in hope of one-day knowing what we will make of ourselves.

So come with me as I present my trials and tribulations of various aspects of my existence. I can promise regular drool-worthy clothes, good looking individuals and of course, jottings of my day to day encounters that extend beyond the relms of cyberspace.

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